Case Study

SiCureMi for Elderly Case Study

Subject / Problem

Kunal had been working in Dubai for eight years as an accountant in a mall. Although the pay wasn’t enough for him to support a family, he did send a substantial amount of money back to his parents living in New Delhi. His father was a retired government official living off his pension; his mother, a 64 year old lady, and a heart patient since few years. At 54, she was diagnosed with coronary artery disease, and suffered from angina pain and heart palpitations.


Coronary artery disease is the number one cause of deaths in people who are above the age of 65. In very simple terms, coronary artery disease or coronary heart disease (CHD) occurs when the circulation of blood in the body is reduced, due to decrease in blood flow from the heart. This largely occurs due to accumulation of fatty substances in the walls of the arteries.

When she was 54 years of age, Kunal’s mother was rushed to the hospital, after suffering shooting pains in her left arm as well as her chest. The pain even extended to her jaws and her back. It was 3’o clock at night and she had woken by a tightness under her breastbone. The doctor took no time to guess that she had been a victim of unstable angina, a common symptom of more serious impending heart issues. Further investigation revealed cholesterol deposits and thus started years of ECGs, blood reports and hospital visits.


Angina is the first of many symptoms of CHD. Kunal’s mother soon started suffering from weakness, indigestion, and shortness of breath. Due to reduced delivery of oxygen to the muscles, even regular activities like walking and climbing the stairs seemed tiresome. Heartburns started plaguing her. She was prescribed with a long list of medications; statins, aspirins, calcium channel blockers, blood thinners and so on. Although CHD is not curable, modern techniques have been developed that significantly reduce threats posed by it. Medical procedures have been invented; surgeries can be conducted that completely remove blockages and clots. Due to financial constraints though, neither Kunal nor his father could afford any such treatment. Medications only helped to an extent. Although Kunal’s mother made a lot of lifestyle changes like controlled eating routines and exercising every day, she usually woke up with severe angina and shortness of breath. What makes CHD life threatening is that increases the chances of a heart attack by a large margin. A heart attack occurs when a blockage results in the heart muscles to stop working. Blood flow to the heart is reduced to a minimum. At the age of 64, Kunal’s mother was rushed to the emergency room with a minor heart attack. Kunal flew back to India. Fortunately, his mother was saved in time, but it made him reluctant to go back to Dubai, leaving his mother in such a state, under the supervision of his elderly father.

SiCureMi’s Contribution

Kunal came in contact with SiCureMi in the hospital waiting room, by a heart patient who had come for his regular blood test. When he heard the cost of the packages offered, Kunal decided to try it, considering it to be a good one time investment. His mother is 66 years now, and Kunal reported the following in regards to SiCureMi.

  • The best part of a smart watch is that it provides live information of the patient to the doctors. Kunal’s mother’s heart rate was constantly tracked. Every other week, she visited the clinic to deposit her blood samples, where her body vitals were also collected. ECGs were conducted and her heart rhythms were captured.
  • Data from her Oximeter reported her blood oxygen levels. Reports of her heart patterns were uploaded by the device that were studied by doctors from time to time. In fact, after a few months of her heart attack, she was called in again due some irregular activity reported by SiCureMi. A small clot was detected again, and was taken care of immediately.
  • SiCureMi assigned an expert dietician for Kunal’s mother. All her eating habits were monitored. Her cholesterol levels were kept in check and a diet chart was prepared for her.
  • Meanwhile, Kunal could keep an eye on all these activities from his computer in Dubai. If he had any doubts, he raised tickets in the platform itself, where his concerns were put to rest.

CHD is in fact a scary illness. With the current lifestyles of the people living at this time, proper precautions have to be taken to avoid any such affliction. Our elderly are always at a higher risk. With increasing age comes a variety of changes in the regular, normal heart function. Slower heart rates, abnormal rhythms, and degeneration of heart muscles are a part and parcel of an aging adult. With modern technology, some of the issues have been solved, but that doesn’t affect the seriousness with which heart diseases in the elderly should be tackled.