Case Study

SiCureMi for Corporate Employees Case Study

Subject / Problem

Physical illnesses are easier to detect than mental diseases. Very soon, mental issues will manifest in the form of physical discomfort as well. Vivek is an employee at a big MNC, and works there as a Business Analyst, clocking 10 to 11 hours per day at his workplace. Very recently, Vivek visited his dermatologist with a case of eczema. It didn’t take long for the doctor to figure out that the underlying issue was completely different. Vivek had been dealing with stress since the past three years, and now it was taking a toll on his overall health.


The creator has designed for each of us defence mechanisms to protect us from outside as well as inside threats. Stress can be defined as one of them. Stress in low quantities can indeed spur a person to do better at work or in life. It can motivate one to perform better and address challenges in a better way. However, the brain has a breaking point as well. Too much load on it can turn it into a flight mode. When the brain takes too much load, it fails to distinguish between emotional and physical threats. Stress can lead to disorders which are actually defence systems for physical threats, leading to health complications.


With eczema as the first sign of stress, Vivek soon started developing more and more symptoms. His sleep patterns were disrupted which directly affected his work performance. This in turn led to more stress. He started suffering from indigestion on a regular basis. His eating habits were also affected. His weight dipped by 6 kgs which raised concerns in his head. Stress can show itself in a variety of forms, and Vivek displayed only a few signs in the beginning. His doctor played a huge role in finding the real cause as in most cases, stress is not exactly pinpointed as the root cause of physical discomfort in the body.

SiCureMi’s Contribution

The dermatologist did not only help Vivek with understanding why he was facing such difficulties, but the doctor also introduced him to SiCureMi as an overall support system in dealing with common health issues that come up in a person suffering from excess workload and stress. It has been three weeks since Vivek has started using the platform and a few points are worth mentioning;

  • His sleeping patterns are constantly monitored by health professionals and notifications remind him to complete his sleep needs. Vivek has reported to his seniors at work about his problem and how now, he is maintaining a proper schedule using an online portal. Thankfully, his boss was cooperative and decided to cooperate in the process.
  • Nutritionists have charted a healthy diet for Vivek, which he seems to be following closely. He is keeping himself hydrated, and his eczema seems to be retreating. Complete recovery is a long process and stress related issues can return anytime. As of now, however, he seems to be on the recovery path.
  • Vivek has introduced an hour of gym in his daily routines. He is tracking his calorie burn rates and his heart rates. Once in a while, he visits the nearby clinic for a routine check up.
  • On weekends, instead of working extra hours, Vivek has started meditation classes under a certified instructor that he found through the SiCureMi portal.
  • Vivek’s performance has increased two folds at his workplace even though he is dedicating lesser hours there. His deadlines are been fulfilled which has relaxed him considerably.
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Stress is an issues in all the developing countries throughout the world. Some reports even suggest that stress can kill brain cells, and it even leads to more serious mental problems like depression. In most cases, stress is not diagnosed properly and due to this lack of accurate diagnosis, it develops in a hidden fashion, increasing its threats in magnitude and multitude. In this rat race that we are all a part of, stress may as well be the silent killer. An unhealthy lifestyle acts as a catalyst and external triggers can turn into life threatening situations. Vivek did take the right step in the initial stages and is leading a healthy, and more importantly, a happy life.